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Word ($1.99) by BorderLeap, LLC is a new word game about unscrambling words. If you love word games but have been in the mood for something more unique than your typical crossword or word search game, subsequently Word² is definitely worth looking into. If you loved other games like the Harmony games and Alpha Omega in the developer, then this will be a no brainer.

microsoft.comIt should come as no real surprise to anyone that I appreciate words, since I write for an income. I'm undoubtedly a much better word person than I 'm with numbers, so word games are one of my favorite genres out there. Despite that fact, I ’ve gotten bored with some word games because they largely feature exactly the same Scrabble or Boggle-like gameplay, and it just gets tiring over time. Then when I saw Word², I was intrigued because it was something that deviated from the norm in the genre. If you love a challenging word game, subsequently Word² does not disappoint.

Unscramble the words and solve the squares in Word

The visuals in Word² are clean and straightforward, which ought to appeal to minimalists everywhere. The game has a flat aesthetic that makes it blend in well with the overall look of modern iOS, and the serif fashion typography is rather timeless and classy looking. Colours symbolize the difficulty level of the puzzles, but they're all rich and bright in appearance, and the game shows off various hues in the background so that it resembles giant pixels. There is an option to toggle that as well, which can be nice, if you’re the type of person who favors lighter, pastel color schemes. While there are very few animations in a word game, the few that you do have transitioning from menu to game or when moving about letters are unstable and subtle. The game has a rather soothing soundtrack playing in the background, to help you focus on the puzzles, and pleasant perceptible feedback is provided by the sound effects during play.

With 80 stages, Word² is degree-based, like all puzzle games to solve. By dragging your finger across the large square in the centre of the level selection screen you can browse through the levels. However, you won’t manage to access puzzles without solving the one before it first, which is rather straightforward. Since each puzzle has pairs the aim of the game is to unscramble every one of the words in the square. This means you will need to unscramble words not merely once, but twice, and words which are solved will be highlighted in white and locked in place.

If you get stuck, there are two methods to get help: clues and hints. While clues give players a concept of the words that they should be looking for hints will permit you to see where a letter pair should go. The game is fairly generous in the beginning and gives you 10 clues and 15 hints to begin with, but if you run out you ’ll need to get in-program purchases.

Unscramble the words and solve the squares in Word

Controls in Word² are simple enough — you’ll see where you can swap them with in the square, which can be done with another spigot and just faucet on letters. As mentioned before, if your letter is in a tile that was white, then that means it is in the correct position and cannot be moved farther. Occasionally, you will need to rearrange a letter multiple times so that you can get it into its correct place.

The game starts simple enough with 3×3 grids out, but things can be more challenging as you advance in the game — the boards can get as big as 6×6, that will need a lot more hours to figure out. Fortunately, this means lots of content for the price, which is amazing. The developers have noted that 7×7 squares will be coming later on too, so there's something to look forward to if you're able to have the ability to solve all 80 puzzles. There's also Game Center support for leaderboards (levels achieved) and accomplishments for solving all squares of a certain size.

As a huge fan of word games, I’m appreciating Word² a lot to date, while I’m still in the 3×3 levels. I love the minimal aesthetic, the music is soothing, and controls are easy enough. The gameplay is different from most word games and these puzzles can be more challenging than they look, especially since the programmers included some acronyms and abbreviations for some levels as well. I’m not a devotee of paid games having in-app purchases complete, so it's merely a shortcut for people who get frustrated, but each amount is entirely solvable without clues or hints.

I recommend giving Word² if you need a name which is unlike the typical fare you'd find on the App Store and are a fan of word games. Word² is available as an universal download for only $1.99 with http://www.thewordunscrambler.com/ optional in-app purchases.

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Your challenge is to unscramble the offering and reveal the response, using the anagram as your hint.

Today's anagram jumbles an occasion of 20 letters, breaking down those letters into three words: (6,6,8), with two proper nouns included.

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